I can't send group SMS. What am I doing wrong?

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I can't send group SMS. What am I doing wrong?

Jonathan B
I have two groups in my contacts.

One is called "fitness" which has 58 contacts.

The other one is called "rapidclients" which has 85 contacts.

I logged into gvmax and forwarded all SMS emails to the "forward email"

I tried to send a group text message and came up with the following errors

1) fitness@@mygvmax.appspotchat.com <--------I get an error email message back saying that this email was not delievered      

2) fitness@mygvmax.com <------------ I do NOT get an error email message back, but I do not think the message went through because I don't see it on my google voice text history. I also tested it on my friends and they told me it was not received.

Also, where it says type ggr in the group chat, I don't understand that. I typed ggr everywhere and I see no groups appears.

I had the same issues with my "rapidclients" group. I am not understanding what I am doing wrong. Please correct me. Here is my number too. 518 595 9522. Please contact me if you can, because I might need someone to walk me through this on the phone.