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Problem getting connected

Jason Wolf
I just got a Surface Pro 2 computer and installed GVoice on it.

Now I am trying to get GVMax to work with GVoice so that
1) all my google voice texts get instantly pushed to my computer
2) I can have an email account where, anytime an email gets sent to that email, it will get pushed to my computer as a SMS message in google voice.

Well, I am having trouble doing using GVMax.

I tried to just sign in with my google voice username and password but that doesnt work because my google account appears to be blocking every attempt that GVMax makes. GVMax says there is a credentialing error and my google account sends me warnings that someone is trying to break into my computer. However, I can't turn this off.

So, I went to my next best option and started a GVMax account and did the steps mentioned in the user manual to route google voice to send my texts to my long email account.
Although it doesnt specifically state this in the instructions, it appears that I have to tell google voice to authenticate my email address. I put in the long email address and it is not getting verified. Your site says it only takes minutes. Is there anything that I can do to make this process work?

I also just tested the email by emailing a message to it myself. I am not sure if this is a sign that it isnt working, but on my account page on GVMax it reads 0 SMS messages received (and all other counts are 0 as well.)

What am I doing wrong?

Can anyone please help?

I would love to have an email that pushes directly to my google voice SMS account because I have an Arch wireless pager that I can route to an email, so this would be perfect. Please help.